Gardenkraft Owl Bird Bath With Solar Powered Light


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Bring life to your garden with this stylish Bird Bath from GardenKraft, featuring a beautiful decoration showing owls perched on a tree underneath the bath’s water bowl! Birds will flock to your garden once the bath is filled with clean water for them to drink, thanks to the bath’s realistic wooden design that mimics the wood of a tree. Also part of the design is a solar powered LED light on the front of the structure, designed to illuminate the owls during the evening. This light is powered by a solar panel located at the back of the structure, which stores enough energy to power for 8 hours once switched on. You can also rest assured that the brilliant wooden finish on the bird bath will not fade away thanks to the durable paint and the premium quality resin material, which is weatherproof and water-resistant, ensuring that the bird bath will remain sturdy even after plenty of visitors. Features: Owl Bird Bath: Holds plenty of clean water to attract all different kinds of birds to accompany the decorative owls Built-In Solar Lighting: Powers a light on the front of the bath structure, keeping the owls on the front illuminated for up to 8 hours from a single charge when switched on! Rustic Wooden Style: Hand painted for a realistic looking wooden design, bringing a natural feel to any garden it fits in, and it resists fading Weatherproof: Underneath the wooden design is premium, durable, resin material, designed to prevent the bird bath from wearing away over time Specifications: Dimensions: H:40.0 x W:25.0 x D:25.0 cm Material: Resin Model Number: 11059

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