Greenworks Robotic Mower Garage


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Designed for the Greenworks range of robotic lawnmowers, the Greenworks Robotic Lawnmower Garage attaches to the existing charging station and provides a protective covering to keep the lawnmower clean and dry as well as shielding it from bright sunlight during the summer months. A transparent window in the top allows you to see the display on top of the mower while it is in the garage, so you can check the charge status, and additionally a tool compartment enables you to store small accessories so you always have them to hand. Features & Benefits • Suitable for all Greenworks robotic lawnmowers • Fits onto the existing charge station • Keeps the mower clean and protects it from UV light during bright sunshine • Transparent window for checking the status screen on the mower while it is in the garage • Integrated tool storage compartment for small accessories Specifications • Dimensions: 61cm × 77cm × 43cm Contents • Garage only

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