Heatstrip Elegance 3200 Electric Patio Heater (Remote Included)


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The HEATSTRIP Elegance with Remote is a very high quality radiant heater from Australia; a stylish electric heater with a high radiant heat. This attractive HEATSTRIP has a much higher efficiency than, for example, a gas heater.
This heater is perfect for covered outdoor areas. Consider, for example, a veranda, patio and other types of cover, it also works well under an awning. And of course it is also suitable for a catering facility, such as a sports club, restaurant, bar, etc. with a canopy. Also for indoor use such as in a workshop, showrooms and warehouses and it is then especially suitable for heating specifically one place, for example a packing room.
The unique thing about the HEATSTRIP Elegance is that it is the first broken-white outdoor theater, where use has been made of the latest coating that optimally emits heat. As an extra, this version also has a transformer that can be switched in 2 positions with a remote control that also has a timer function so that it switches off automatically after the set time.
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