Hozelock Easyclear 9000 13w Pond Pump, Filter & UVC Combination


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The Easyclear is a biological in pond filter with built in Ultra Violet Clarifier and 60w pump. The new Easyclear 4’n1 is a fully integrated unit that is positioned in the pond and guarantees beautiful, clear and healthy water and an attractive and reliable fountain and waterfall display. It has a 4in1 action: Filter for Clear and Healthy Water: The filter sieves out solids that make the water cloudy and makes the water healthy for fish and plants. UVC Eliminates Green Water: The UVC eliminates the algae that causes green water. Fountain: The fountain creates a decorative display with a choice of 3 fountain heads. Waterfall: An attractive waterfall or a combination of waterfall and fountain can be run. Clearwater is guaranteed in ponds of up to 9000 litres capacity.


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