Hozelock EasyMix 2-in-1 Composter


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Give Back to Nature what Nature Gave Us
EasyMix 2-in-1 tumbling composter for the easy mixing of home and garden waste to give your garden soil the care it deserves, delivering a healthier garden at no extra cost to you.
Key Benefits Include:
Rotating composter for easy mixing of waste, no need for a fork.3 times faster than traditional composters: compost ready in only 6 to 8 weeks to enrich your soil.Convenient to collect the compost, thanks to the removable drum and the large opening.Enrich your garden soil with the natural liquid plant food collected in the “Click & Spray” tank/applicator.No pests (rodents) thanks to the hermetic design.Space saving, it will easily find a place in the garden, garage, balcony or even next to your recycling bins.Made from 90% recycled plastic and 100% recyclable For more information please call us on 01789 763 336.

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