Hyundai HYBV26-2 26cc Petrol Leaf Blower w/ Shredder and Vacuum


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An excellent multi-functional garden power tool, this 3-in-1 leaf blower, vacuum and shredder is ideal for a wide range of garden tidy-up tasks. Featuring a powerful 26cc 2-stroke engine, this blow vac boasts impressive performance and 114mph air speed through the fitted tapered nozzle. With a single support harness included, this lightweight blower can be balanced over your body to reduce strain during extensive use. Plus, it is supplied with a large 40L collection bag for convenient collection of leaves and grass while vacuuming your outdoor space. When mulched, the fabric collection bag can collect a significant amount of debris before you need to empty. Features and Benefits Versatile – This 3-in-1 garden power tool allows you to blow leaves, vacuum up debris and mulch. Powerful – The 26cc engine and tapered nozzle provide an impressive 114mph air speed for efficient collection and blowing. Ergonomic – Weighing just 5.3kg and fitted with a harness, this blow vac is comfortable to use. Convenient – The 40L bag helps make any garden tidy-up a quick and easy task. Specifications Leaf blower, vacuum and shredder Petrol-powered 26cc 2-stroke petrol engine 114mph airspeed (50m/sec) Anti-vibration technology Removable tapered blowing nozzle 40L fabric collection bag Weight: 5.3kg Single support harness included Colour: Blue Warranty: 3 years


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