Hyundai HYBV3000E Electric Leaf Blower & Garden Vac


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The Hyundai HYBV3000E is a great electric leaf blower and garden vac. Not only can it tidy the garden by blowing away leaves it can also collect and shred them. Collected material is reduced down to 1/10 of the size. so more can be compacted into the 45L shredding bag.The HYBV 3000E features a telescopic chute which can be adjusted to 9 settings to suit each user. Adjusting from 70 – 100cm allows for the best operating position. The chute has 2 running wheels at the bottom so the blower can be wheeled across the lawn and around the garden for your convenience. For increased comfort. it also has a padded shoulder strap.The controls for variable speed options and the blow/vac switch are conveniently placed. The 3000w electric motor can produce a maximum airspeed of 186mph. SpecificationsPower: 3000w electric motorVariable Airspeed: 62 – 186 mphAdjustable Chute: 70 – 100 cmVacuum: YesBlower: YesCollection Bag Capacity: 45ltrShoulder Strap: Yes. paddedCable Length: 12mNet…

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