Hyundai HYTR60Li 60v Cordless Grass Trimmer with Battery and Charger


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The HYTR60LI cordless grass trimmer comes witheverything you need to get started. The supplied lithium-ion 2.5Ah 60v battery willpower the trimmer for 40 minutes and it’s recharged to full power in 45minutes. Hyundai use powerful LG batteries which have a lifecycle of 1000+charges. The HYTR60LI’s cordless design allows you to work without therestriction of cables. The efficient brushless motor is quiet running andunlike petrol engines runs emission-free with minimal maintenance costs. HYTR60LI Grass Trimmer features:Rechargeable 2.5Ah 60v BatteryCharger (HY60VLICH2)Trigger Lock Safety ButtonAutomatic ‘bump feed’ line feedLine release button180 degree rotating headTelescopic handleEdging optionThe 33cm cutting width makes it a good choice for small tomedium gardens. The automatic line feed releases extra cord when the trimmerhead is tapped on the ground. it also has a line release button to manuallyadjust the line length. The HYTR60LI has a versatile rotating head which can beused as an…

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