Inglenook Galvanised Metal Shovel


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This galvanised metal shovel is an essential tool for effortless coal handling and fireplace maintenance. This sturdy and reliable galvanised metal shovel is designed to withstand the rigors of frequent use and provide long-lasting performance. Crafted with high-quality galvanised metal, our coal shovel ensures durability and resistance to rust and corrosion. The strong construction of the coal shovel allows for efficient and easy scooping of coal, making it a practical accessory for your fireplace or stove. The wide and deep scoop of the galvanised metal shovel ensures you can carry an ample amount of coal with each scoop, minimising the need for multiple trips. Embrace the convenience of a well-maintained fireplace with our reliable and functional galvanised metal coal shovel. Specifications: Dimensions: H:46.0 x W:23.0 x D: cm Material: Metal Model Number: FIRE213S

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