Johnston & Jeff Lyddington Box Bird Table


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Bring a touch of natural beauty to your garden and outdoor space with this Lyddington bird table from Johnston & Jeff. With just four bolts and two screws, this simple to assemble bird table is perfect for a quick and easy addition to your garden. The robust and sturdy build of this table means it will withstand the outside elements while providing a safe and secure place for the birds to perch and feed. The solid four pillar design provides ample security and stability while still giving the feeding birds all round vision. The attractive slate roof finishes off the unit with a stylish touch and finally this table is built from Larch wood and coloured to suit almost any style of garden d├ęcor. Features and Benefits Easy to build – With just four bolts and two screws, you’ll have a robust bird table for all of your feathered friends. Decorative – Coloured with a non-toxic (bird safe) satin, this bird table will suit almost any garden. Sturdy – A solid four pillar design provides stability and visibility for the birds. Specifications Self-assembly Material: Larch Slate roof Non-toxic stain 4 pillar design Built dimensions: H 152 x W 59 x D 59cm Weight: 8kg


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