Kingfisher Dark Wooden Deluxe Garden Bird Feeder / Feeding Table

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Premium dark wooden deluxe bird table. Easy to assemble with a robust design. Attracts a wide variety of wild birds. Sturdy tripod base and angled roof for protection whilst feeding. Attract some new feathered friends to your outdoor space with this charming bird table. It is now recognised that feeding wild birds all year round is a main factor in the survival of many native birds. Ideally, wild bird food should be made available all year round, especially during the fledgling, nesting and breeding periods. It is important to maintain a hygienic environment when feeding wild birds, so regularly clean feeding stations with warm water and a safe detergent. Features: Deluxe Bird Table Bird table Premium Wooden Robust design Full colour display carton with carry handle Specifications: Dimensions: H:50.0 x W:8.0 x D:40.0 cm Guarantee:12 Month Guarantee Model Number: BF009HD

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