Kingfisher Wooden Garden Bird Table


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Traditional design – Attractive, wooden bird table with a green roof Free-standing – Ideal for gardens without trees or hanging spaceAttracts wild birds – Perfect for enticing all types of wild birds including tits, finches, sparrows and wrensVersatile – Great for suet fat balls, suet pellets, nuts, seed mixes and more Perfectly sized – Measures W42 x L42 x H118cm Kingfisher Wooden Garden Bird Table Turn your garden into a bird-friendly paradise with this wooden garden bird table. This traditional wooden bird table features a green roof and is a gorgeous addition to any garden. This versatile feeder allows you to have a mix of different feeds at once, perfect for catering for different needs and feedings preferences throughout the year. By offer a variety of feed you will attract an array of cheeky birds such as tits, woodpeckers, finches and house sparrows. Attracting birds into your garden offers may benefits such as pest control, weed control and even stress relief. This bird table is not only highly attractive, it also provides a stable platform for gorgeous birds to enjoy their feed upon. Thanks to the nature of the table it is easy to fill and clean, and the roof provides a shelter to keep the feed dry and fresh. This table is absolutely ideal for gardens without trees to hang bird feeders from and can be used with all types of feed including suet fat balls, suet pellets, nuts, seed mixes and more.Specification Dimensions: W42 x L42 x H118cm Weight: 2.6kgSelf-assembly required G2428 – Kingfisher Wooden Garden Bird Table


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