Laguna Max-Flo 9000 Pond Pump


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Laguna Max-Flo 9000 is a high performance solid handling waterfall pump with proven reliability. This is a popular size of pond pump and would suit ponds up to 18,000 Litres. This pump is ideal for waterfalls or powering a pond filter system. Pumping water in such demanding applications is a tough task and most pumps are now asked to run 24/7 – you need a tough pump for this job that won’t break down on you. The Max-Flo handles solids up to 8mm so will push dirty water up through attached pond hose without clogging the impeller. The durability of this pump is illustrated by the three year manufacturer guarantee. Improved Design This is the latest design of this pump and replaces the previous Max-Flo 7500. The new pump features Smart Pump Technology (SPT) – this means that the motor has on-board circuitry that helps its performance. SPT constantly monitors the pumps performance while it is in use – it then adjusts impeller flow according to the strains put on it by its environment. This improves the pump’s performance and reduces running costs.


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