Lotus Clear Pond 80 & PondXpert UltraFlow 12000 Pond Kit


Save money* on our largest pond kit.

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This premium quality kit contains a quality liner, our best underlay and a high quality 7-stage box filter and pond pump. The ideal dimensions for a pond created from this kit would be 7 x 5 x 1m (32′ x 23′ x 3′) and the ideal volume would be 35,000 litres (7,700 gallons). This set contains the following components (please click links below for more information):• PondXpert 10m x 8m Flexiliner (40 year guarantee) with fleece underlay• PondXpert UltraFlow 12000 pond pump• Lotus Clear Pond 80 box filter• 5m (16′) x 40mm (1″) hose• 2 x 40mm (1″) clips * Saving based on price of buying components individually.


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