Metal Silhouette Hen Ornamental Garden Light (Solar)


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For anyone looking for a garden ornament with a difference, this Hen could fit the bill perfectly. Hand made from metal and painted with vibrant, fun colours, the Cockerel is not only an unusual figurine, but also has a solar light in its back, so when its dark, it throws out interesting patterned shadows.
Measuring 47cm high, it is 18cm wide and 42cm deep, the legs create a stable base, while the wings are held in place with springs so move slightly with the wind, adding an extra dimension to the sculpture.
Requiring no assembly, the solar panel can be easily removed to replace the batteries or clean
Measurements: 47cm high 18cm wide 42cm deep
Height From Ground to Body: 15cm
Wings Measure 22cm x 9cm
Please note: due to the weight of this beautiful ornament; as well as the resistance to wind that it creates, a tent peg may be required to hold the sculpture in position if placed in an exposed place


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