Mitox 25C-SP Grass Trimmer

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Mitox have designed a superb petrol grass trimmer at an admirableprice for domestic use. The Mitox 25C-sp is an introductory model for domestic usersnew to owning a petrol trimmer. For first time users this Mitox grass trimmeris flawless. The ergonomic design along with an easy starting engine will makeyou wish you’d taken the plunge before. The Mitox 25 CSP uses a very simple bump feed head filledwith nylon cutting line to cut down longer grass and thick weeds. When you needto release more line just ‘bump’ the head on the ground (this means no stoppingfor you or the engine) and carry on your trimming.The loop handle has a convenient grip which is adaptable whetheryou’re trimming or edging. The 25C-SP is powered by a 25.4cc 2 stroke engine which usesa petrol and two stroke engine oil mix. These are pre-mixed by the user justbefore usage. Conveniently the trimmer can be divided into two parts as ithas a split shaft. This makes the machine easy to transfer or store.SpecificationsModel :…

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