Mitox CS260TX Premium Top Handled Chainsaw

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Top handle saws are recommended for Experienced Users Only.Mitox have produced the Premium Series of petrol chainsaws tobe affordable. yet still retaining the high-quality features you would expectfrom a professional chainsaw.Top handle saws are short and lightweight. They are engineered to be perfectly balanced to work at height. quickly and efficiently. Theyare ideal for awkward to reach. high branches and are thechoice for the arborist and professional tree surgeons. The traditional rearhandle chainsaws are for use on the ground and not designed to work at heights.The Mitox CS260TX is compact and fitted with a 10 inchOregon bar and chain. Other quality features include a premium Walbro carburettor and 26ccair cooled engine. Mitox have reduced the vibration levels to reduce strain onthe hands and arms. The CS260TX also has soft-grip handle and aluminium fronthandle to add to comfort.SpecificationsType: Top Handle chainsawEngine: 26cc 2 stroke. air cooled petrolPower: 0.9 kWGuide Bar:…

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