Monstershop Polytunnel 19Mm 5M X 2M With Racking

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Standing at 2m high and 5m long, this polytunnel greenhouse is the perfect large enclosed environment for you to set up a plant’s paradise. With plenty of room for you to organise your plants, their very own microclimate can be created. This provides high temperatures and humidity for fruit, vegetables and any other plants you are growing outside. The heavy-duty PE cover protects your plants from inclement weather such as rain, frost, high winds and UV rays. The extra guide ropes and bracing bars at both ends give increased stability for those windy days! The PE Cover provides a large door at the front for easy access. The door can be easily opened and rolled up with the ropes provided, creating a larger space and providing better ventilation for your plants throughout the seasons. With doors at both ends, access is easy, making tending to your plants as convenient as possible Even with a strong, sturdy and rust-resistant frame, this polytunnel is easy to build giving you the option to put it up temporarily when needed. 2 roll-up windows also increase the airflow for your plants. With all those amazing features, this polytunnel is the perfect solution to protect your crops, giving them the best start in life. Perfect to compliment your polytunnel, we’re including 2 of our water-resistant and adjustable racking units that are designed with storing plants or gardening equipment in mind. Doubling up as four workbenches, each of the 8 heavy-duty shelves can support a MASSIVE 175kg of weight. Our racking comes boltless and can be assembled or adjusted in no time: All you need is a rubber mallet! With our FREE bay connectors, you can create any system to suit your storage needs. Features: 2 x 5m polytunnel with Extra guide ropes and bracing bars at both ends giving increased stability Thick PE cover to protect from harmful UV rays and easy to build – the perfect solution if not needed all year round Includes 2 water-resistant racking bays with a 175Kg weight capacity Doors at both ends for easy access and a galvanised, rust resistant frame Specifications: Polytunnel Specifications: Cover Material: Polyethylene (PE), Cover Thickness: 150gsm, Frame Material: Galvanised Iron Tube, Frame Diameter: 19mm, Number of Windows Per Side: 3, Weight: 30Kg,Width: 2m / 200cm / 78.8″, Length: 5m / 500cm / 196.9″, Height: 2m / 200cm / 78.8″ Racking Specifications: Max. Load Capacity: 175kg (approx.), Shelving Material: Water-resistant MDF, Frame Material: Powder Coated Steel, Steel Thickness: 0.7mm, MDF Board Size: 4mm, Number of Racks: 2, Height: 160cm / 1600mm / 62.99″, Depth: 30cm / 300mm / 11.81″, Width: 80cm / 800mm / 31.50″ What’s included: 1 x Sturdy Greenhouse Framework, 1 x Practical PE Cover, 4 x Guy Rope & Peg, 2 x Racking bays, made up of 4 workbenches. Model Number: 27951

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