Mountfield Electress 34 Mains Electric 4 Wheel Lawnmower

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Mountfield’sElectress 34 is a great quality electric mower. With a cutting width of 34cmand lightweight design. the Electress 34 is ideal for small domestic gardens. Incorporatinga polypropylene chassis and plastic grass collector. this mower weighs just12kg. so it’s easy to handle and can be stored compactly in a shed or garage. Mountfieldhave a nationwide network of authorised dealers meaning that you’re never farfrom help should you need it. Features 1200w 230v/50Hz motor 15m mains cable 6 cutting heights 35L grass collectorThe push button start located onthe top handle makes for easy starting. With a handle built into the collector.making it easy to remove and attach quickly and easily. 6 cutting heightpositions that can be adjusted with a central lever ensuring you can alwayschoose the best height for the working conditions. Specifications Model: Electress 34 Type: 4 Wheel Power: Mains electric 1200w motor Drive: No. hand-propelled Cutting Width: 34cm Height of Cut Adjustments…

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