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Made almost entirely from recycled plastic, this chicken coop is not only environmentally friendly, but thoughtfully designed to ensure low maintenance, all year round. This Medium Chicken House offers plenty of space for 4 larger birds, or 7 bantams. Two nest boxes are included, and two removable wooden perch’s too, allowing you to kit out this coop straight away. The permanent under eave ventilation, and two additional circular vents, provide a temperate environment for birds to enjoy. And although the structure is dark in colour, it remains cool even in strong, direct summer sunlight. Easy access is guaranteed, as this chicken house features a removable roof, and a detachable full-width back door. This means you can check in on your birds with ease, and also clean out all areas with minimal effort. The front facing door has even been designed so that it won’t trap dirt in the slots, and so that it can conveniently be used in conjunction with a Chickenguard auto-opener (available separately). Features and Benefits Recycled Plastic – Manufactured in the UK, and made almost entirely from recycled plastic, this chicken coop is the eco friendly way to house your feathered friends. Well Ventilated – With permanent under-eave ventilation, as well as two adjustable circular vents, the entire inside area remains ventilated and cool, even in warm weather. Accessible Design – Thanks to the removable roof, and the full width back door which detaches using quick release pins, checking in on your birds has never been easier. Low Maintenance – The entire nest box is removable, allowing you to clean it out whenever required, and a pressure washer can even be used to clean all remaining areas. Specifications Ideal for 4 Larger Birds or 7 Bantams Removable Roof Nest Box (x2) Removable Wooden Perch (x2) Easy Open/Close Door (can be used with Chickenguard Auto-opener, sold separately) Under-Eave Ventilation 2 Adjustable Circular Air Vents Carry Handles No Maintenance Easy to Clean Main Structure Material: 9mm Recycled Polyethylene Roof and Nest Box Lids Material: 6mm Recycled Polyethylene Door Material: Aluminium Pack Weight: 36kg Colour: Green/Black Self Assembly Required 25 Year Warranty Dimensions Height (cm) Width (cm) Depth (cm) Overall Dimensions(including ramp, roof overhang, and nest boxes) 100 106 137 House Dimensions(excluding ramp, including nest boxes) 78 78 100 Internal Floor Space(excluding nest boxes) 59 80 Perch Dimensions(usable length of each) 59 Nest Box Dimensions(internal measurement of each) 23-30 28 30 What’s Included 1 x Chicken House (Medium) 2 x Nest Boxes 2 x Removable Wooden Perches Assembly Overview: This chicken house is delivered flatpacked, but can be assembled quickly and with ease using the comprehensive instructions in the user guide. Time Guide: If this is the first time assembling a Nestera Chicken House, you should allow about an hour for complete construction. Parts: Most parts of this house are held together using clips made from waste plastic, though quick release clips (linch pins) and some other parts are metal.Optional Extra’sNestera Medium Chicken Coop Stand Being 45cm in height, this stand will elevate your chicken coop to provide plenty of practical benefits such as protection from predators, and increased airflow. Made from durable aluminium, it really will stand the test of time. Find out more HERE. Nestera Chickenguard Auto OpenerThis Chickenguard unit can be set to open and close the door of your chicken coop automatically at certain times, or depending on certain light levels. It also features manual open and close buttons for operation as required. Find out more HERE.Nestera Chicken Droppings Trays – 2 Pack This Set of 2 Dropping Trays from Green Frog Designs will help you to keep your new chicken house clean and tidy at all times. Made from high-quality, recycled ABS plastic, they are high quality to provide strength, rigidity, and durability. Find out more HERE.

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