Nova Antigua Aluminium Parasol – 3m x 2m Rec – Grey

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The 3m x 2m Rectangular White Frame Aluminium Parasol – Crank & Tilt – Grey Canopy has a 38mm pole that would fit through the parasol hole of your chosen dining table or can be used as a freestanding parasol (when combined with a suitable base) to create a safe and shaded dining area when needed. The parasol is treated with a PA coating which protects it from sun bleaching so that it will always keep its colour. The 200g polyester canopy is also protected with a UV rating of 50+ and has a fade resistance level of 5/6. Plus, the canopy is removable which means should it get dirty it can be machine washed. To dry simply hang back onto the frame and leave to dry on a sunny day – the canopy should never be tumble dried. The square ribs that measure 12 x 18mm are much stronger than standard parasol ribs which makes the parasol much more durable against tough weather conditions. This parasol is erected via a crank handle which allows you to adjust the height and angle of the parasol so that you can always be protected from the sun no matter where it is in the sky. We always recommend that the parasol remains closed during extreme windy conditions and this parasol is fully closeable to avoid wind damage. Features: Simple crank operating mechanism Tilting feature adjusts to any angle Easy to erect lightweight frame with 38mm pole Collapsible pole for simple storage Used in conjunction with a weighted base (not included) Specifications: Dimensions: H:258.0 x W:200.0 x D:300.0 cm Colour: Grey Guarantee:1 year Material: Aluminium With Polyester Canopy Model Number: N19916

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