Palram-Canopia Ivy Polycarbonate Greenhouse (Black)


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You want a greenhouse to grow plants, flowers, and vegetables, but you don’t have a lot of space. Or you’re a beginner grower and don’t feel ready to commit to a large greenhouse. A miniature greenhouse is the solution! The Ivy mini greenhouse provides the perfect way to get started on growing, even with limited space or budget.
Our small greenhouse has the same high-quality materials as our larger ones, designed with resilient polycarbonate panels and a rust-resistant aluminum frame. For easy access to the interior, the standalone mini greenhouse has a sliding door and opens at the top.
This DIY greenhouse features clear sides and diffused roof panels to protect from harsh overhead sunlight and providing balanced light transmission for your plants. The polycarbonate greenhouse keeps your plants warm in Winter and helps plants grow healthier and faster.
The backyard greenhouse includes a built-in gutter, a lockable door for extra protection, and a…

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