PondHero Turn2Clean 3000 Pond Filter (11w UVC)


Our cheapest ‘easy clean’ pressure filter Simply turn the external handle to clean the filter foa

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This pond pressure filter from PondHero is perfect for small ponds up to 3000 litres. It is packed with foams (3 discs) to block solid particles going back into your pond. Also included is a powerful 11 Watt UVC to stop your pond water going green. When your foam filters get full of muck simply switch from ‘pond’ to ‘clean’ then turn the handle to agitate the sponges so releasing the dirt. Direct the outlet to ‘waste’. Once water runs clear simply redirect your outlet hose back into the pond and swicth control back to ‘pond’. NOTE: This filter only has one inlet and one outlet. Quick & Easy Cleaning Mechanism 1. Switch off mains power to the filter and pump.2. Turn the blue dial from ‘Filter’ to ‘Clean’ (this reverses the water flow which helps to agitate and loosen dirt).3. Redirect the outlet pipe (this usually returns clean water pond) so that dirty water is guided safely away from the pond.4. Turn the external handle to dislodge dirt.5. Switch the pump back on for at least 30 seconds or until you see dirty water run clear.6. Switch the pump off, reconnect the original outlet pipe, switch the blue dial back to ‘Filter’ and, lastly, turn the pump and filter on at the mains. Suggested Upgrade – Y-Piece With Taps (not included) Using a Y-piece with taps will make operating a backflush an easy job. The outlet flow can be directed in two directions – one permanently to waste, the other back to the pond. You simply have to turn the Y-piece taps on/off when required. If purchasing a Y-piece we would recommend the PondXpert 20/25mm Y-piece. Note: In order to connect the Y-piece to this filter you will need a small section of 20mm hose.


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