PondXpert PondMaster Pond Vacuum & Discharge Basket


Save £19.99* with this NEW best ever pond vacuum deal.

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This special offer set pairs the NEW PondXpert PondMaster pond vacuum up with the bestselling PondXpert dirt collector basket. Get rid of all the muck and dirt in your pond cleanly and efficiently. The new PondXpert PondMaster pond vac has the highest specification of all budget vacuums available in the market today. As well as standard features such as a 2m max. operating depth and a 2m length outlet hose it also boasts additional power (1,400 watts) and a high-capacity chamber (35 litres). It also comes supplied with 4 wheels allowing easy manoeuvrability and transportation. It works on a cycle operated by a float switch. Use the dirt collecting discharge basket to catch solid particles – this allows you to release the filtered water back into the pond. It also contains 3 x heads/nozzles: • 1 x crevice nozzle• 1 x wide floor nozzle• 1 x adjustable nozzle 2-10mm (useful when avoiding small fish) Directions for use:- Ensure the vacuum is HIGHER than the level of the pond- Simply push the suction nozzle towards the part of your pond you want to clean & watch as the dirt is sucked away and your pond begins to clean.- Once the pond vacuum reservoir is full the motor stops automatically allowing the dirty water to run away to waste. (the vacuum must be HIGHER than the area you are discharging the water to)- Once the chamber has emptied, the vacuum will re-start the cycleThe unit also has the benefit of a secondary ‘indoor’ mode – here the motor remains on and there is no timer valve in operation. Now any dirt will be picked up and stored in the vacuum bag (provided). * Saving made when compared to buying items separately.


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