PondXpert SuperEco 10000 Pond Pump


NEW – Lowest Energy Cost Pump Ever! Save £82 Per Year on Running Costs*

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Enjoy a powerful flow of 10,000 litres per hour without draining your wallet! The new PondXpert SuperEco boasts an energy-efficient motor requiring power consumption of just 68 watts. This means that running this pump in place of existing pond pumps on the market will lower your electricity bill considerably*. The energy-efficient motor also includes on-board intelligence which allows it to switch itself off should your pond water run too low. This protects the pump from damage. The pump can handle solid pieces of matter up to 8mm in size and includes a 20-40mm hosetail to accept all standard sizes of pond hose. * Saving based against running a typical competing 150 watt pond pump product 24/7 365 days per year. Energy prices vary, please check with your power supplier.


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