Portable 230v Self-Priming Water Butt Pump


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This Portable 230v Self-Priming Water Butt Pump is an ideal pump to use if your tank has limited access and installing a submersible pump is not a practical solution. This green and black pump can work at 4 bar pressure and will be good for watering the garden and also the light pressure washing jobs. The pump can be installed on top of the tank and if you install the suction strainer just off the bottom of the tank the pump will draw clean water without any of the silt from the bottom of the tank. It¢,-“¢s also a portable, single stage and self-priming jet pump with a thermoplastic body, venturi and impeller. The stainless steel shaft is fitted with a carbon ceramic and NBR mechanical seal, the IP44 motor has water resistant rocker switch and overload protection and it¢,-“¢s designed for pumping clean water only, at a maximum temperature of 35,ºC. It should not be allowed to run dry, but by fitting an optional pressure controller it can be protected from this and also start and stop automatically. Maximum recommended suction lift, when primed, is 8 metres. If you are performing a suction lift we recommend that a foot-valve and strainer should be fitted to the end of the suction hose. This is included with our 4 metre suction kit. These are available as an optional extra and include a pump coupling, which is factory fitted to the hose for a vital, airtight connection. Fitted as standard with a carrying handle and a 2 metre rubber power lead. This pump is ideal for transfer and irrigation duties in domestic and light industrial applications. Product Specification: Run Type: 25mm Outlet Diameter 25mm Flow: 60 L/min Total Head: 42m Free Passage: 0mm Voltage: 230 Kw: 0.8kw Dry Weight: 7.5 Kgs Diameter: 235mm Height: 290mmProduct Specification: Run Type: 25mmOutlet Diameter 25mmFlow: 60 L/minTotal Head: 42mFree Passage: 0mmVoltage: 230Kw: 0.8kwDry Weight: 7.5 KgsDiameter: 235mm Height: 290mm


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