Portek Charger Quiksplit Electric Log Splitter with 8.5 Ton Impact


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The Portek Charger Quiksplit is an excellent machine that is incomparable to any other similar machines in its range. being the fastest log-splitter on the market. It’s ten times faster than hydraulic splitters. The Portek charger uses kinetic energy to split logs quickly and efficiently. The log splitter is easy to use. portable. and it can be placed anywhere on flat ground.Its 1.5Kw electric motor powers the flywheels and propels the ram forward with an impressive 8.5 tonnes of force. The log splitter cuts logs into manageable sizes safely and with minimal user effort. with a cycle time of less than one second.The charger has a sturdy chassis. robust wheels. and a practical handle. as you’d expect from Portek. Heavy-duty guards and a safety switch are conveniently located next to the handles for extra security. To engage the mechanism and release the ram. two hands are required.Specification:Power: 1500w ElectricMax. Splitting Force: 8.5 tonneHeavy-duty guardsWarranty: 1 year

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