Portek Electric Quiksplit 7 Ton Log Splitter

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This 7 ton impact log splitter can split wood in under a second. the Portek Quiksplit log splitter is an amazing machine for any homeowner wanting to manage their own wood stocks.The Portek Quiksplit uses two large spinning flywheels driven by a mains electric motor to power the ram. The released kinetic energy lets the ram impact the log swiftly and safety. This is the fastest electric logsplitter on the market today. The release mechanism requires 2 hands. one to engage the drive and the other to release the ram. The Quiksplit is easily moved into place with a front handle and the rear transport wheels.Safety should always be a factor when considering purchasing a log splitting machine and the Portek Quiksplit provides peace of mind with heavy duty steel guards protecting the mechanics of the machine and a safety switch next to the handles. Weight: 57kg

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