Raven Flourish 6′ 6″ x 13′ 1″ Curved Polytunnel & Racking Set – Classic Polyethylene


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This polytunnel & racking set is perfect for anyone seeking quality and good value. Polytunnels allow us to control the temperature, which is vital for optimum growing conditions. Planting in a polytunnel lets gardeners and commercial growers enjoy an extended growing season, as things like humidity, ventilation, and irrigation can be more easily controlled Boasting plenty of storage space and a practical construction, the product is made with a safety-conscious design. This product has been built from strong and durable galavanised steel, giving you a structure that will withstand the elements, this product comes in a stylish green colour scheme, which will look pleasant in your garden. This product is part of the Flourish collection.This polytunnel & racking set comes with easy-to-follow self-assembly instructions for quick and simple construction. This building comes with a 1 year free from defect guarantee provided it is maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions.Please note – size 6′ 6″ x 13′ 1″ is approximate and based on a bird’s eye view of the structure, including the roof.Product Specifications: External Ridge Height (cm): 200External Width (cm): 200External Depth (cm): 400Material: Galvanised Iron & PEColour: GreenBuilding Shape: RectangularRoof Style: CurvedCladding Style: PolyethyleneNumber of Windows: 0Established in 2007, Monster offer high quality and competitively priced garden products to suit a variety of needs. Callow have high customer service standards and equally high quality standards for dispatching orders. Our aim is to give the best customer experience possible from placing an order to receiving the product.Mosters’s vision is to take quality and service to the next level, producing furniture has the true traditional touch and with its ergonomic design, not only is it comfortable, but helps with your posture and increases relaxation. Quality and satisfaction are our top priorities for Monster, therefore there products are thoroughly inspected by our in-house craftsmen, ensuring only the best quality BBQ’s and furniture is produced.This product is delivered directly from the manufacturer with the utmost care and the customer must be present for delivery. Deliveries are scheduled once your order has been placed and are to the kerbside or driveway if easily accessible. Please bear in mind that not all building sections will fit through a standard doorway or go round sharp corners. Larger sections may be manufactured in more than one piece for handling purposes. We can currently only arrange for delivery of this product to mainland England excluding postcode areas: BH, BN, CT, DT, EX, PL, PO, TA, TN, TQ, TR. Orders placed to these areas will be cancelled. Please note, if you also order products that are not Albany branded, they may arrive on a different day due to the products be sent from a different warehouse and courier.

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