Riverside Woodcraft Baby Triple Bird Table Slate Roof


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An excellent large bird table, with three separate feeding platforms. This offers the chance to attract multiple birds to feed at the same time on the same bird table. If the head of the bird table is in use, smaller birds will tend to feed on the lower levels. This helps to ensure problems with pigeons, and other larger birds, pushing robins, sparrows and similar birds from the table are eliminated. Ideal for a larger or busy garden that attracts lots of birds. The slate roof tiles found on this bird table are produced from a mixture of recycled plastics (52%) and kaolin (48%). They are lightweight and highly resistant to damage. timber is used to manufacture all of our products to create high-quality bird tables. The solid base and sturdy construction ensure our bird tables will not topple over easily. A long-lasting weatherproof finish is applied to protect the bird table against even the harshest of elements. Also available with an eco-friendly rot-proof upgrade made from recycled plastic making the base and tray of the bird table impervious to water and making the tray extremely easy to clean. The bird table head comes fully assembled, however, the stand of the bird table will require assembly. **Please Note – Our Bird Tables come in two packages: 1 package containing the head, the 2nd package containing the stand. Thank you** Features and Benefits Solid Timber Frame Free Standing Heavy Duty Durable roof tile made from 52% Koalin Clay , 48% Recycled plastics Specifications Base Dimensions 800 x 800mm (W x D) Bird Table Head Dimensions 435 x 380 x 380 (H x W x D) Feeding Platform Height (From Floor) 1300mm Post Thickness 70 x 70mm (W x D) Total Height 1735mm Colour: Brown Guarantee: 12 Months Material: pine Model Number: B/Triple SR Self Assembly Required: Yes

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