Hotbox Shilton 3Kw Propane Greenhouse Heater


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The Hotbox Shilton is a name recognised by many gardeners as the original solid gas greenhouses heater. Floor standing. Thermostatically controlled. Push button ignition for easy lighting. Flame failure device1 year warranty. Powder coated for durability. Full instructions included. Gas heaters should be installed by a competent person for your safety. No electricity required. Made in UK. Propane Regulator, 2 Clips & Gas Tubing required (as additional options below)Heater output 3kw: Heat 120 sq. ft. Frost protection 260 sq. ft. For more information on the Hotbox Shilton Propane Gas Greenhouse Heater and heating your greenhouse call us and speak to one of our Greenhouse specialists who will be happy to assist you in your purchase. For more information please call us on 01789 763 336.

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