St Helens Bird Feeder, House Style


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St Helens Bird Feeder, House Style This contemporary house style bird feeder from St Helens Home ;;Garden is ideal for feeding nuts to the wild birds in your garden. The metal hanging hook allows you to hang the feeder from trees or other structures giving you the perfect vantage point from which to view the visiting birds. Both sides of the roof open to allow you to easily fill the feeder with nuts whilst also helping to keep the food clean and dry. The mesh design of the feeder means birds can perch as they feed. The Powder coated finish provides resistance from the elements. Features: Contemporary House Style Bird Feeder Hang from trees with the Hanging Hook Supplied in black with a vibrant red roof Mesh design allows birds to perch Perfect for feeding nuts Specifications: Dimensions: H:22.0 x W:13.5 x D:17.0 cm Guarantee: 12 Months Model Number: G0758

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