St Helens Garden Arch


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St Helens Garden Arch The garden arch from St Helens Home and Garden provides a supportive archway for climbing plants, vines and flowers but is equally perfect for decorating your garden for special events such as weddings, christenings, birthdays etc. Use this versatile arch in your garden at any time of year, lights can be hung from the arch to provide extra illumination and ambience at night. The arch is easy to assemble and is installed by simply pushing the bottom 40cm of the arch into the ground. We would suggest for permanent installation the arch be anchored using stakes or hooks (not supplied). The arch is supplied in green to ensure that it blends in seamlessly with your garden environment. Power coated to ensure durability and weather resistance, ensuring many years of enjoyment. Features: Decorative Garden Arch Support Arch for Climbing Plants and Vines Perfect Garden Decoration for Weddings and Parties Hang Lights from the Arch to create a tranquil Garden ambience Powder Coated for durability and Weather resistance Specifications: Dimensions: H:240.0 x W:37.0 x D:140.0 cm Guarantee: 12 Months Model Number: G0757

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