St Helens Handmade Nesting Bird Box


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St Helens Handmade Nesting Bird Box The handmade nesting bird box from St Helens Home;; Garden is a quaint twist on the traditional bird box. The house is hand made entirely from wood with beautiful decoration and artificial moss detailing. The house is extremely rustic and as such will blend into any garden seamlessly. Small birds are offered protection from predators thanks to the small entry space. The strong hanging loop can be used to securely attach the box to trees or other structures, place this box in a prominent place in your garden and enjoy watching the wild birds as they come and go. Features: Handmade Nesting Bird House Strong Hanging Loop for attachment to Trees Offers smaller birds protection from Predators Quaint rustic design Attracts Wild Birds to your Garden Specifications: Dimensions: H:16.0 x W:14.0 x D:17.0 cm Guarantee: 12 Months Model Number: G0754


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