St Helens Metal Sprinkler With Zinc Spike


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St Helens Metal Sprinkler With Zinc Spike The impulse or impact sprinkler gives you full control over the water coverage, you canchange the width of the sprayby adjusting the trip collar. Full or part circle operation is possible, if full 360 degree coverage is required simply flip up the trip lever. Water pattern can also be adjusted. The sprinkler covers up to a maximum range of 24 metres making it ideal for even the biggest of gardens. It is easy to create an in-line sprinkler system by unscrewing the cap on the side allowing you toconnect a female 3/4 inch threaded connector and in turn connecting a further length of hose pipe, this method allows you to create a row of in-line sprinklers without the need for a secondary water source. The quick click connection makes this sprinkler compatible with most leading brands of hose connectors.Advantages of this type of sprinkler include uniformity of coverage, resistance to sand and grit so fewer blockages and it works well in homes with lower water pressure. The maximum coverage area in a home with 4 bar water pressure is186m2. Features: Impulse/Impact Lawn Sprinkler Place on your lawn and attach a hose pipe Water your lawn and plants without having to be there! Create an in-line watering system with just one water source Ideal for homes with low water pressure Specifications: Dimensions: H:30.5 x W:12.5 x D:12.5 cm Guarantee: 12 Months Model Number: G0872


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