T-Mech 52cc Petrol Garden Tiller


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Designed for efficiency and durability, the garden tiller boasts four sturdy steel blades that effortlessly cut through the toughest ground, breaking it up and preparing it for planting or landscaping projects. With a generous working width of 30cm and a deep working depth of 20cm, this garden tiller allows you to efficiently cover expansive areas of land in a remarkably short period. Whether you’re cultivating a new garden bed, turning over soil, or preparing the ground for seeding, this rotavator delivers exceptional performance, saving you time and effort. Powered by a reliable 52cc petrol engine and operating at an impressive speed of 9000RPM, this tiller provides sufficient force to drive the blades smoothly through the soil, ensuring efficient operation. The robust powder-coated steel construction and powerful engine ensures long-lasting performance and consistent power delivery, even when facing challenging terrain. With a generous 1.2L fuel tank capacity, this tiller allows for prolonged operation without the need for frequent refuelling, ensuring uninterrupted work and reducing downtime. Supplied with a mixing bottle and funnel, you’ll be able to accurately measure the 25:1 fuel-to-oil ratio, creating the perfect 2-stroke oil mixture to enable professional quality work. The cultivators user-friendly design features two ergonomic handles, enabling a comfortable grip and precise control over the machine’s movements. Its compact build allows for easy navigation through tight spaces, making it suitable for gardens of all sizes. Benefitting from two large wheels and a cordless design, you also have greater flexibility to easily manoeuvre your tiller for use in a wide range of locations. Whether you’re a gardening enthusiast or a professional landscaper, safety is a top priority. To ensure optimum safety when in use we’ve provided an extensive selection of protective equipment composed of gloves, ear defenders, goggles and leg covers. For a speedy set-up, we’ve also included a handy tool kit so you can begin work on your garden in no time. With its impressive performance and user-friendly design, this high-powered petrol tiller is the ultimate tool for achieving exceptional results in all your gardening endeavours. Features: 4 x Strong Steel Blades Powerful 52cc Petrol Engine Generous 1.2L Fuel Tank Lightweight & Cordless Design Free Safety Accessories Specifications: Dimensions: H:95.0 x W:46.0 x D:84.8 cm Colour: Black Guarantee:1 Year Material: Powder Coated Steel Model Number: 210985 Self-Assembly Required: Yes

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