Tectake Polytunnel Greenhouse Tent With 8 Windows 600X300X205cm Green


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The polytunnel greenhouse tent from Tektake offers lots of space and a simulated southern climate to cultivate different types of vegetables, herbs and fruit as well as flowers. Your plants are protected from the cold, rain and frost. The stable, Powder-Coated Metal frame and the frost-proof PE-screen foil make the large foil greenhouse perfect for raising crop. The greenhouse has a door and 8 windows which ensure sufficient ventilation. Handy: The polytunnel is also easy to set up quickly in your garden. Get the greenhouse polytunnel tent from Tektake. Features: Stable, Powder-Coated Metal frame Semi-transparent, frost-proof PE-screen foil Entrance door with zipper 8 side windows with insect screen 18 m² usage area Specifications: Dimensions: H:205.0 x W:205.0 x D:300.0 cm Colour: Green Material: Plastic Model Number: 402265 Self Assembly Required: Yes

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