The Handy 25cm (11″) 2 Stroke Petrol Mini Tiller


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A great choice for allotment-holders, keen kitchen-gardeners and other horticultural enthusiasts, the Handy THPMT 2-Stroke Petrol Mini-Tiller is a powerful but lightweight machine characterised by its low-effort handling and excellent manoeuvrability. Power from its high-performance 1.9hp (43cc) two-stroke engine is sent to the four six-bladed steel rotors via a high-torque gearing-system that optimises power-transfer so as to ensure it will take the claggiest, most compacted soil-conditions in stride. The Handy THMPT weighs just 15kg and features intuitive fingertip control; a combination that means gardeners of any age or build will find it a pleasure to operate. Its twin rear-mounted transport-wheels make it easy to move to and from the worksite; while its compact design and no-tools collapsible handlebar make for straightforward storage and transport. Fitted with an extra-large-capacity 1.2-litre fuel-tank, The Handy THPMT runs for an impressive 60 minutes on a single fill. Unleaded Fuel Mix Ratio: 25:1 with mineral 2-Stroke oil or 50:1 with synthetic or semi-synthetic 2-Stroke oil. This model has a 30cm (12in) working-width and can till down to 20cm (8in). Features and Benefits Lightweight – Weighing only 15kg making it easy to manoeuvre on the back wheels. Long-lasting fuel – Thanks to the extra-large-capacity of 1.2 litres, it will run for up to 60 minutes per fill. Powerful – Premium 1.9hp (43cc) two-stroke engine drives the four six-bladed steel rotors making light work of even the craggiest of soil. Specifications Engine: 2-Stroke 43cc/1.9HP Recoil Start Fuel tank capacity: 1.2L (Run Time 60 mins approx) Tines: 4 x 6 teeth (22.5cm Diameter) Tilling Width: 30cm (12in) Tilling Depth: 20cm (8in) Transport wheels Folding handles for storage Dimensions: D 49 x W 78.50 x H 39.00 cm Colour: Grey


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