The Official Cedar Nesting Box, With 26mm hole


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Attract wild birds – Perfect for nesting tits, redstarts and sparrows Durable design – Constructed from long-lasting cedar sourced from Canadian forests Strong – 19mm thick panels for extra strength and insulation No maintenance – No need for painting, varnishing or preservatives Easy to fix – This nesting box is easy to fix to any post or tree Invite a variety of small birds to stay with this official cedar 26mm hole nestbox. Setting up a nesting box in your garden will provide an essential area for many species of wild birds, such as tits, sparrows and nuthatches. Nesting boxes are a great place for birds to not only relax in, but most importantly they work as a safe haven for birds to raise their young. Ever expanding industry and a need for more housing and farming land, has meant the removal of trees, which are the natural nesting environment for wild birds. Adding a nesting box will not only benefit our native birds, but will also give you a great opportunity to monitor and enjoy your feathered friends. Thank to the box?s exclusive sedar construction there is no need for painting, varnishing or preservatives. The 19mm panels also offer extra strength and insulation. To use this box simply fix to any post or tree that is sheltered from the elements, we recommend fixing it at a height between 1.5 and 5 metres above the ground. Specification: Dimensions: L175 x W156 x H370mm26mm hole


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