Tyneham Clear View Wide Window Bird Feeder – Damaged Box Stock


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These window feeders are new and unused but the boxes have been squashed in storage, hence the price reduction
Enjoy a close view of visiting wild birds with this ‘clear view’ feeder. Streamlined and crafted from durable plastic, this ingenious bird feeder can simply be attached to an outside window via two large suckers. Perfect balance on the glass can be achieved using the handy, integrated spirit level.
Featuring open access and an extra-long landing perch, several hungry birds can feed simultaneously. With three compartments – two for feeding and one for water – this extra wide window bird feeder can also hold a variety of tasty treats including seed, mealworm, nuts and suet pellets.
The feed compartments are finished with 70 drainage holes and hold approximately 0.8lkg of food. The middle compartment is for water with an approximate capacity of 0.2lml.
* 2 suckers to attach it in place * Incorporated spirit level * Slide out seed tray


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