Velda Clear Control 100 Pond Filter + Filter Media Pack


Wow! – The biggest pond pressure filter in the UK. Imported from Holland, this is a unique filt

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We have always appreciated the benefits that a pressure filter brings to a pond project: – they can be positioned/buried below the water return area – they can handle high pump flow rates – they are compact However, mainly due to their small size they were never a real option for large ponds, heavily stocked ponds or high waterfalls. The NEW Velda Clear Control 100 changes everything! This filter has a canister capacity of 100 litres – more than twice the nearest competitor.It is also equipped with a seven-position handle switch which means the filter can be simply turned to the Clean position and effectively cleaned/backwashed without removal of the lid. Dirty water then exits via waste outlet.The other position options include: • Back wash valve: Washes away the dirt in the valve • Pond drain: Empties the pond • Filtration: Standard running position • Medicine position: Water runs back into the pond bypassing the filter media • Stop: Pump can be cleaned, whereas the water remains inthe filter • Winter: NEW Drops the water within the container by about 2 inches and prevents damage to the rubber sealing ring in severe winter conditions This is one of our ‘price checked’ products – we believe that as a main Velda dealer we offer the best price in the UK. Velda are held in the same regard in Europe as our other premium brand Oase. If you are after a large, high quality filter then we have no qualms in recommending Clear Control filters. NOTE: UVC bulb included.


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