Velda Clear Control 75 Pond Filter (36w UVC)


Top Quality Pond Pressure Filter Hard to find – well worth considering!

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Designed for large ponds and waterfalls. Perhaps the largest capacity and most solidly built pond pressure filters we have ever seen. Due to the high quality of materials used in their manufacture and extra-strong lid clamps these filters can handle higher levels of water pressure, and thus serve bigger ponds and higher waterfalls. They are also equipped with a seven-position handle switch which means the filter can be simply and effectively cleaned/backwashed without removing the lid when turned to then Clean position. Dirty water then exits via the waste outlet.The other options include: • Back wash valve: Washes away the dirt in the valve • Pond drain: Empties the pond • Filtration: Standard running position • Medicine position: Water runs back into the pond by passing the filter media. • Stop: Pump can be cleaned, whereas the water remains in the filter • Winter: NEW Drops the water within the container by about 2 inches which prevents damage to the rubber sealing ring in severe winter conditions The Clear Control range of pond filters are extremely popular on the continent. The Velda brand has more exposure in other countries and they are known as a premium brand. Buy this pond filter with confidence. NOTE: UVC bulb included.


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