vidaXL Automatic Water Timer with 4 Stations and Moisture Sensor 3 V

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This garden automatic water timer allows you to water your garden in a controlled, organised way, even when you’re away. It is ideal for use in the summer when plants and lawns need frequent watering. This automatic watering system is designed to save water and time. It includes a 4-way water distributor that can be connected to different irrigation devices. The electronic timer has a dial and buttons for programming, and allows you to select the current time, watering start time, watering frequency and watering duration for each connection. Made of ABS, this water timer is water-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and therefore very durable. The soil moisture sensor is equipped with 5 meters long cable connecting to the water timer or controller and send the moisture. You can insert the pointed panels into the ground. When it detects that the soil is wet enough, the program that was originally set to be watered will be skipped to prevent overwatering and save water. Simply set the control knob to one of three levels to accommodate your plants’ particular moisture requirements. Features: Water timer Material: ABS Working voltage: DC 3 V Working water pressure: 0,5-8 Bar Working water temperature: 5-60 °C Static current: = 60 uA Voltage pulse amplitude: 18 V Low voltage sign blinks at = 2,4 V Specifications: Dimensions: H:1.0 x W:1.0 x D:1.0 cm Colour: Multi Material: Plastic Model Number: 3072410

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