Webb BV26 Petrol Leaf Blower & Vac


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The Webb BV26 is a hand held petrol blower and garden vacuum designed for the quick and easy clean-up of lawn and garden debris. Use the Webb BV26 around the garden for collecting leaves or stray grass clippings. In the Winter months it can even be used to clear fresh snow off paths and drives.The metal shredding blade can mulch down organic material at a ratio of 12:1 so less waste is produced. When used as a garden vac any debris is collected into a 40ltr over the shoulder debris bag. The bag comes complete with a comfortable shoulder strap to carry the weight.As the Webb BV26 blower & vac is driven by a petrol engine you have the freedom of movement around any garden and lawn spaces. This means you can access areas around corners or through gates easily without having to use electrical extension cables or find an outside power outlet. The 26cc engine uses a petrol and 2-stroke engine oil mixture. Pre mix the fuels before adding to the tank. Using the machine with only petrol and without oil will seize the engine and could permanently damage it.


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