Wild Life World Artisan Nest Box

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Introducing the Artisan Nest Box from the beautiful Bali Range, handmade and hand-painted by Balinese artisans in a genuinely authentic Indonesian style. The entire range is constructed using sustainably sourced timber and has been lovingly hand-painted using a dot painting technique. Each Nest box features a beautifully detailed hand-painted dot painting design. The Artisan Nest Boxes are made from sustainable timber and have a long lifespan due to the robust wood and water-based paint. Ensuring the nest box can be used for multiple seasons, sometimes as a nesting spot for the same returning garden birds. Provides a safe and secure habitat for small birds to roost and nest from autumn through the winter to spring when they will look to have their young. Nesting is most likely during April and May, and in the event of chicks hatching, there will be frenetic feeding activity by the parent birds. Take care not to disturb during this time as any intervention may result in the parent birds’ eggs or young being abandoned. It is the perfect nest box for small bird species such as blue tits, coal tits, marsh tits, sparrows, and flycatchers, plus a delightful addition to your garden. The Bali Range comprises three handmade products: a spacious bird nest box, a hanging bird table, and a solitary bee house. There’s truly something for everyone to add a distinctive splash of colour to their garden or outdoor space whilst helping our nation’s treasured wildlife. Installation The nest box should be sited on a tree, wall or garden fitting at least 1.5m – 2.5m above the ground, preferably in a place where cats and predators cannot access it. The ideal aspect is facing east, SE and NE are also fine. The box should be left empty as wild birds will bring their own nest material into the box. Maintenance Wipe away any external dirt with a damp cloth, avoiding anything abrasive. The inside should be cleaned just before the end of September / prior to autumn once any fledglings have left. Specifications: Dimensions: H:28 x W:22 x D:18.5 cm Colour: Multi Guarantee: 12 Months Material: Wood Model Number: ARTNB

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