Wildlife World Coniston Bird Bath (Twist Fit Stem)


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Our new Coniston Bird Bath is made with our environmentally-friendly material called Clayplas+
This combines 30% recycled plastic content with 70% clay in composite form to give a light weight durable finish. Which mimics an aged stone finish. The clayplas+ material comes with a 10 year structural integrity guarantee (excludes accidental damage by animals or high winds).
The bird bath comes as standard with a redesigned twist fit base. The bird bath stands to a height of 180mm with its short stem. The Coniston has scrollwork decoration around the bird bath edge on a matt background. Which is in contrast to the water bowl which is finished with a glossy surface.
Extra pebbles (not included) may be put in the water bowl for decoration and to allow small birds to perch to drink.
Please note: The new design is not longer compatible with the tall stem
For more information please call us on 01789 763 336.

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