Wildlife World Kestrel Nest Box


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Our natural timber Kestrel box is designed to provide a safe place for kestrels to breed and raise their young. The kestrel is our familiar hovering species of bird of prey and has recently been in decline. It is usually spotted hunting the grassy margins of highways and farmlands looking for its favourite prey animal the vole. Handmade from solid FSC certified timber in our Gloucestershire workshops Slow-seasoned timber negates the need for chemical, stains or artificial preservatives Lightweight but durable Two re-cycled plastic side mounts Integral side perch for adults and youngsters to exercise their wings Fitted with camera clip if you choose to monitor the nestbox Siting The box should be mounted at least 5m high preferably with a clear flight path to the box. A pole may be used if a tree is unavailable. Kestrels are less likely to be hit by traffic than species such as Barn Owls so a position near light traffic is acceptable if other sites are not available. The box should ideally face East or NE/SE. The presence of insect-rich rough grassland which support field voles will greatly increase the likelihood of occupation. Monitoring and inspection The box may be inspected and cleaned out from Sept to March when there are no breeding birds and great care should be exercised not to disturb breeding birds from Spring to Summer. Other species which may make use of your kestrel nestbox include tawny owls, stock doves, jackdaws or possibly little owls or barn owls.


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