Wildlife World Simon King Predator Proof Bird Nest Box


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NEW. The predator resist small bird nestbox is designed in conjunction with TV’s Simon King OBE. This a super strong and extra deep nestbox for extra protection from predators such as cats, rats and woodpeckers.
The box is made from solid FSC certified timber with a water-based green painted roof and a 32mm hole protector suitable for small hole nesting species up to the size of Great Tits. The nestbox is attached to the tree or wall using the pre-drilled recycled plastic hanger on the back of the box. The clever design of the hanger means that you can undo the locking screw on the back of the box and swivel the hanger away to reveal a large access hole for cleaning out the nextbox after nesting season is over Oct – Dec.
Erect the box with the entrance hole facing towards the North-East away from the prevailing wind direction in the UK. The green roof can be repainted annually to maintain appearance if desired.
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