Wolf Garten A400E 40cm Electric Lawnmower

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The Wolf Garten A400E lawnmower is a powerful and compact hand-push mower. Fitted with a powerful 1800w motor. the A400E is built to the high standard you would expect from Wolf Garten and offers low-maintenance environmentally-friendly mowing at an attractive price.The A400E also benefits from more features than your standard electric mower; the advanced CCM-system allows the user to easily choose between collecting or mulching the grass clippings with the twist of a lever. Mulching is a great feature with any mower as it provides fine deposits of free nutrient-rich fertiliser for your lawn. Includes a 45 litre collection bag with full bag indicator. offering a more productive mowing time with less trips to the emptying point. With a quick push of a lever the cutting height can be adjusted in 6 steps from 25mm to 75mm to suit many lawn levels and conditions. Due to its compact design the A400E can easily manoeuvre around garden obstacles and under bushes. The 20m p…

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