X Hose 75ft (22m) Expandable XHose


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75ft (22m) Expandable XHose With a clever design that expands to three times its length when you switch on the water, then contracts when you turn it off, the XHose makes watering your garden easier than ever. It retracts down to a compact 20cm coil for neat storage when it’s not in use, so it’s super easy to just pop in the shed. Made with a tough, expandable inner tube and a folded webbing outer layer, it never kinks, twists or tangles so you can water your garden without any of the hassle. Expanded hose length: 75ft Includes ¾” adaptor Storage: Empty XHose of water and keep in a dry location Please note: Under normal UK water pressure your XHose will expand to its maximum length, however areas of lower pressure or when water demand is high, some loss of expansion may be experienced. A loss of pressure can also be noticed when the XHose tap is opened fully, to restore normal pressure simply close the tap slightly. Download: Product Care Instruction


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